The Studio



My studio is a sunny, screened-in porch outside of the dining room of our 114-year-old Victorian home. I wanted this space to feel happy and to encourage creativity so I rolled the floors in a pretty blue paint and added large white flowers to compliment the white walls.

Having an inviting space to work in is important and the addition of the vintage furniture helps me to feel connected to something greater than the moment I am in. The lamp and chair are fund nods at history, reminding me that in my own small way, I am contributing to the story of this space. I am creating a legacy.

My favorite time to work is in the mornings when the world is still asleep and I am up with the early birds who chirp over the hum of my wheel in the trees outside of the studio. In those moments, time stands still.

When my son rises, he joins me at his desk where he plays with clay or experiments with painting. I enjoy spending time with him in my element.